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Our story

Effective language learning is a crucial challenge for countries all around the world. Despite hours of studying foreign languages, most people are unable to have a fluent conversation with native adults.

As a team who is totally passionate by foreign languages, we kept wondering why most language learning solutions simply do not work. In fact, we realized that the way foreign languages are taught by school teachers or even by world famous apps is based on understanding and memorization - not conversational efficiency - and doesn’t implement what we consider to be the key to speak a foreign language easily.

The ideal method is based on two elements:

- word frequency
- engagement

What should I learn as a priority?
A research from the Victoria University in New Zealand was the first to point out that mastering the most frequent words is the key to unassisted understanding of a foreign language and estimated that a student needs to know the first 2,000 words in a foreign language to cover 80% of a conversation with a native adult.

Then, why should I learn?
Too often the studied topics are not interesting as regard to students interests or needs, thus such students do not persist. It is paramount to speak about useful topics that relate directly to one's tastes and needs. By chatting in a foreign language about what is of interest, the most important words and expressions that need to be mastered will naturally be encountered and memorized after being seen/heard few times. Using them will become an automatism.

The company

LEELOO is a company that offers a genuine immersive e-learning solution focusing on those key elements of language learning.
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), LEELOO has developed a disruptive method to “hack” languages quickly and easily.

The team

We are a team of passionate professionals with complementary skillsets. David, computer science specialist Judith, in charge of product and content Mathieu, in charge of business development

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