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Putting active learning first, LEELOO provides a virtual personal coach available without time constraint, to talk about useful topics that relate directly to the tastes and needs of users, using both text and voice.
Our philosophy is that learning a new language is easy and intuitive. By building their own sentences and chatting in an effective professional context or about topics that they like, users mobilize immediately their knowledge and memorize new vocabulary better.
No insurmountable obstacle for users: LEELOO offers translations and suggested answers to avoid being stuck.

2Be entertained

Languages are not only vocabulary lists and grammar rules. They are a way to connect, exchange with and learn from people from other cultures and countries.
Therefore, LEELOO uses entertaining curated content (news, articles, videos, podcasts, music… etc.) especially selected for users based on their interests and needs, as a way to keep them engaged and immersed.

LEELOO App Glossary


Mastering the most frequent words is the key to unassisted understanding of a foreign language. In order to cover 80% of daily conversations with native adults, a person needs to know the first 2,000 most frequent words in the foreign language.
Those words will depend on the users' interests (work and leisure).
LEELOO provides a glossary by topic with an intelligent recommendation tool to push vocabulary depending on the ongoing conversations and topics of interest.


Our solution includes a personalized report about progress, frequent mistakes and vocabulary assimilation, for the users to keep track of their improvement and keep motivated.
For employers, we also provide a simple dashboard to manage subscriptions and monitor users’ engagement and progress.

LEELOO App Report

How we stand out

LEELOO Feature Immersive


Reproduce foreign immersion on the go

LEELOO Feature Personalized


Learn what you care about and what you need

LEELOO Feature Engaging


Watch & listen to curated content

LEELOO Feature Easy


Easy to learn, easy to use

LEELOO Feature Measurable


Follow progress, frequent mistakes and vocabulary assimilation

LEELOO Feature Competitive


Boost your employees' confidence and performance for a competitive price

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme